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    美 氟®FMD-120 电子冷却氟化液
    MeiFu® FMD-120 Electronic Cooling Fluids

Description美氟®电子氟化液是一些无色透明全氟碳液体化学品,具有理想的化学惰性、优良的热传导性能、非常好的电气绝缘性能、极低的表面张力以及良好系统相容性,能广泛应用于各种温控散热系统中。如应用于数据中心服务器的浸没式液冷系统, 应用于半导体生产制造(含LED 芯片)的各个环节中作为热传导介质(温度范围为-80°C ~ 115°C,主要应用于蚀刻设备、离子注入设备、测试设备以及 IC 检测设备)、储能电池保护、锂电池动力汽车主要部件温控系统( 电动机、电池箱等冷却控温)、相控阵雷达散热系统、核电、特高压电网、风力发电机内部发热部件散热统的冷却散热 系统、以及各种热管均热板催胀板散热器、生物医药产品设备温控等。
Description。MeiFu® Electronic Fluoride is an colorless transparent perfluorocarbon liquid chemicals with ideal chemical inertness, excellent thermal conductivity, great electrical insulation performance, extremely low surface tension and good system compatibility, it can be widely used in various temperature-controlled cooling systems. Such as the immersion liquid cooling system used in data center servers, and used in all aspects of semiconductor manufacturing (including LED chips) as a heat transfer medium (temperature range is -80°C ~ 115°C. Mainly used in etching equipment, ion implantation device, test equipment and IC inspection equipment). It can also be applied to energy storage battery protection, temperature control systems of main components of lithium battery powered vehicles (cooling temperature control systems such as motors, battery boxes, etc.), phased array radar cooling systems, nuclear power, UHV power grids, as well as cooling and heat dissipation of heat dissipation systems for internal heating components of wind turbines, various heat pipes, soaking plates, inflation plate radiators, and temperature control of biomedical products and equipment, etc

▇ 理化性能 Physical and Chemical Features

FMD-120 (全氟碳溶剂)

FMD – 120 (Perfluorocarbon Solvents)

纯度:大于 99.8 Purity: greater than 99.8%
外观与性状:无色透明液体Appearance and Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid

   气味:无气味Odor: Odorless
   分子量: 45Molecular weight: 45
   沸程,1atm:110~120°CBoiling range, 1atm: 110~120°C
   蒸气压(20℃):14.6kPaVapor pressure (20℃): 14.6kPa
   液体密度(25℃):1.83g/LLiquid density (25℃): 1.83g/L
   比热 J/g.℃:1.431kJ/kg.℃Specific heat J/g.℃: 1.431kJ/kg.
   ℃介电常数:1.85Dielectric constant: 1.85闪点:无Flash point: none
   臭氧消耗潜值:0Ozone depletion potential: 0

   介电强度:74.2kV 3mm间距Dielectric Strength: 74.2kV 3mm pitch
    运动粘度(25℃):1.321cst Kinematic viscosity(25℃):1.321cst
    汽化热 J/g:136kJ/molVaporization heat J/g: 136kJ/mol
    表面张力:16.7mN/mSurface tension: 16.7mN/m
    体膨胀系数(25℃):0.0015 Volume expansion coefficient (25℃): 0.0015
    介质损耗(10MHz):0.03Dielectric loss (10MHz): 0.03
    电阻率:≧1.4*1014Ω.mmElectrical resistivity: ≧1.4*1014Ω.mm
    全球变暖潜能值:120Global Warming Potential:120

 ▇ 产品特点Product Features ²
1. 具有优异的电绝缘性和热传导性。Excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity.
2. 低沸点具有非常适中沸点,在工作过程中有蒸发过程,利用蒸发热带走热量:能确保发热部件的稳定正常工作 Low boiling point, with a very moderate boiling point, there is an evaporation process during the working process, and the heat is removed by the evaporation heat: it can ensure the stable and normal operation of the heating components.
3 理想的化学惰性和热稳定性,能广泛使用于各种温控散热场合。Ideal chemical inertness and thermal stability, can be widely used in various temperature control heat dissipation occasions.
4 良好的材料相容性,与绝大多数金属、塑料和聚合物不反应。Great material compatibility, no reaction with most metals, plastics and polymers.
5 非危险品不然不爆,无燃点闪点。Non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-flammable flash point.
6 非常低的表面张力,良好的渗透性。 Extremely low surface tension, great permeability.
7 良好的流动性,能在温控系统中很好的流动散热。Has great fluidity and can flow and dissipate heat well in temperature control systems.
8 无毒无害无刺激性。Non-toxic, harmless and non-irritating.
9 环境友好型,具有 0 的ODP 值和较低的 GWP 值。Environmentally friendly, with an ODP value of 0 and a low GWP value.

 ▇ 应用领域Application Field

产品在半导体干刻机工作示意图和特点:Schematic diagram and features of the product working in the semiconductor dry engraving machine:

正极 :positive electrode腔体 :Cavity
负极 :Negative electrode
晶元片 :Wafer
导热液 :Thermal fluid
RF电源 :RF power
特点:导热性好、电绝缘性好(高的击穿电压)、应用温度范围宽(-80—165℃)、无残留、体系相容性好、无毒无害不燃烧。Features: good thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation (the breakdown voltage data is relatively high), wide application temperature range (-80-165 ℃), no residue, good system compatibility, non-toxic, harmless and non-flammable.

应用设备:刻蚀设备、离子注入器、探针台、探测器、IC 测试仪、芯片封装测试等Application equipment: etching equipment, ion implantation device, probe station, detector, IC tester, chip packaging and testing, etc. 产品在热管中的工作示意图和特点: Schematic diagram and features of the product in the heat pipe:


蒸汽 :Steam 
管壳 :Tube
回流液体 :Return liquid
热流 :Heat flow 
冷凝段 :Condensing section 
绝热段 :Adiabatic section
蒸发段 :Evaporation section

工作原理 :Working principle

特点:化学惰性和稳定性好、合适的沸点、导热系数好、适应性强、无毒无害不燃烧。Features: good chemical inertness and stability, suitable boiling point, good thermal conductivity, strong adaptability, non-toxic, harmless and non-flammable.
应用设备:各行业各种形状的热管散热器(管状、片状、方形、圆形等等)、均温板、吹胀板、均热板、液冷板等Application equipment: heat pipe radiators of various shapes in various industries (tubular, sheet, square, round, etc.), temperature chambers, inflation plates, soaking plates, liquid cooling plates, etc.

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